The front garden is the most important area of the house

Dug out front gardenArtificial grass laid front garden

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The Brief:

There is nothing worse than a badly laid artificial lawn, especially when it is in front of your house for the world to see. We see hundreds of them all the time. Generally it’s a smaller area and people think that it can easily be installed so they ask the guy who did the driveway, their gardener or even do it themselves! The little patch of lawn in front of all our properties, in our eyes is the most important, so getting it right and making sure the groundworks are substantial to keep it looking good for many years is a must.

This particular front garden in Chislehurst, London had already been dug out so we had a blank canvas to work with.

Our Work:

We used 150 mm of type one on a membrane to bring it up to the decided level after concreting in 3/2 treated timbers around the perimeter. A further 25mm of granite dust was added and screeded, creating a perfect surface to lay our product the New Heath 35. I personally believe this is now the most respectable front garden in a very prestigious road in Chislehurst.

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