Sorting out a bodged install in Eltham

Badly layed lawnProfessionally layed lawn

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The Brief:

There aren’t enough words to explain everything wrong with this installation in Eltham, London. Whoever did this originally is a complete cowboy and they weren’t cheap either! The sleepers were not concreted in, they were just laying on soil. No Type 1 was used at all and there was just a token scattering of granite dust. The joins weren’t even stuck together. This job is just 18 months old. An awfully expensive mistake, the poor customer was devastated! We were asked to sort it out.

Our Work:

To professionally install this lawn we had to take out the old lawn and put down 7 tonnes Type one and 2 tonnes of granite dust. The sleepers were concreted in place and the whole area levelled. The Palm grass was fitted.

The customer now had the garden they always dreamed of.

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