Sorting out a bodge job in Sidcup

Bodge job in SidcupSidcup garden sorted

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The Brief:

The owner of this property in Sidcup, London had a company put in a shed base. This same company also fancied themselves as an artificial grass expert so the owner used them for the grass as well. The result of the artificial grass install was a disgrace (as you can see from the photo on the left) so we were asked to rectify the work.

Our Work:

The only way to sort out this mess was to rip out what had been done by the previous company. We then put in proper groundworks including 6 tonnes of Type one, 3 tonnes of granite dust, 35 metres of concreted in 3/2 fixings on top of a good quality membrane.

The Rectory grass was layed on top giving the customer the lawn they wanted and deserved the first time around!

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