Laying a lawn with the help of a grab

This house in Greenwich, London had limited access to the garden. The choice was to either go through the house or over the garden wall. We chose the later so called up our reliable grab operator.

The grab bucket operator positioned his machine next to the garden wall and took 10 tonnes of topsoil and turf from the garden and replaced it with 10 tonnes of Type 1. This was a much cleaner option than bringing it all through the house.

Meanwhile our guys barrowed 6 tonnes of granno through the house to complete the groundworks.

The customer chose the new Rectory grass and the whole family is thrilled with the result!

Existing garden lawn Greenwich
Existing garden lawn in Greenwich
Lawn stripped
Grab used to load Type 1 into the back garden over the wall before groundworks completed
Lawn stripped
Garden lawn stripped of grass and top soil
Job finished
Job finished and the garden looking great

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