Large garden in West Wickham fitted with the Knoll

Large garden West WickhamWest Wickham garden fitted with artificial grass

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The Brief:

When we are faced with fitting artificial grass in a big garden I always feel under more pressure to get the job done just right. There are more tucks, more seams, basically more of everything that has to be perfect. So this job in West Wickham, London would test me and the team.

Our Work:

We moved a massive 37 tonnes of soil and aggregates in 2 days 🤭 (Monday/Tuesday) which consisted of 17 tonnes of soil/turf taken out and 20 tonnes of Type put in. The timber fixings were skilfully set 15 mm below the finished level, leaving a similar gap down the rear to get our tuck.

The Knoll grass was fitted in 6 separate pieces and it completed another fantastic job, which ticks all the boxes.

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