Fitting artificial grass in a large garden with a slope

Rear garden with slopeLarge artificial grass garden complete

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The Brief:

We had already fitted artificial grass on the slopey front garden of this property in Chelsfield, Kent. The owners spent a lot of their time in Spain, so wanted a completely low maintenance garden so asked us back to do their large rear garden. The area totalled 250 sqm and had a steep 45 degree bank in the middle so would require all our expertise in fitting artificial grass on this type of terrain.

Our Work:

Sleepers were set at the top of the bank enabling us to flatten this area and allow us to get a heavy duty hanging timber in place for the bank. More sleepers were used in the lower area to flatten the fall off to the back of the garden.

Once our frame work was in place (including a curve on the peak of the bank) we added a membrane to all areas except the bank as the aggregates would simply slide off. (On the slope we put down the aggregates first and then the membrane). A mighty 35 tonnes of Type 1 aggregate was added along with 15 tonnes of granite dust.

The grass (The Outfield) went down in 8 pieces.

In total we were on this job for 8 days from start to finish and it really was an end result to be proud of.

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