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The Brief:

Having a shady garden makes it very difficult to grow a real grass lawn. However well designed your back garden is if your grass looks awful it will bring down the rest of the garden. Perfect Grass has been asked to install fake grass for gardens all over Kent for this exact reason. In this project in Swanley we were asked to help with their shady garden.

Our Work:

To complete this fake grass garden lawn we removed 4 cubic yards of soil and turf and replaced it with nearly 5 tonnes of mixed aggregates to provide a solid foundation.

We concreted in a number of 3 x 2 treated timbers around the perimeter. When doing this we made sure we left a gap between the timber and the patio so we could get a tuck in place to create a very clean finish.

The home owners chose our luxury fake grass product the Boundary for they loved the long 45mm pile.

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