Creating a safe, mud free play area in Orpington

Original back garden space OrpingtonSafe play area surface

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The Brief:

This back garden in Orpington, Kent was to be primarily used by kids as the owners were child minders. We were asked to create a safe, mud free area for the kids to play in and put a soft surface below the new climbing frame.

Our Work:

From our experience we know that climbing frames don’t last as long as artificial grass so we advised that we corner an area off specifically for it.

We achieved this by sinking in 4 inch timbers around a corner of the garden which mean’t when the climbing frame eventually became worse for wear only that corner would need attention whilst the other larger grass area would be fine.

To make the surface as soft as possible we fitted 25mm shock padding in that corner just in case any little ones took a tumble!

The Spring 30 was used on this project for its short pile and hard wearing properties.

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