Artificial grass for a large driveway in Chelsfield

Chelsfield drivewayChelsfield driveway fitted either side with artificial grass

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The Brief:

This beautiful property in Chelsfield, Kent was looking to have artificial grass installed on both sides of the driveway.

Our Work:

Even though this was a large project covering over 220 m² we installed the groundworks in the same meticulous way as always. It was just the sheer volume of materials that needed putting in and taking out that differed.

The 11 day job required us to remove 17 tonnes of topsoil and add 33 tonnes of Type 1, 14 tonnes of granite dust, 240 metres of membrane, 140 metres of timber fixings and a lot of concrete. Only once the groundworks were in place could we fit 3 whole rolls of the Heath artificial grass.

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