A lovely little dog lawn in Sevenoaks

small patch grassDog lawn fitted Sevenoaks

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The Brief:

It isn’t always about the size of the install that makes them our favourite installations. We are also proud of some of our smaller installations too like this one in Sevenoaks, Kent. The property had recently had some landscaping works done¬† and the upper terrace just needed a lawn to match. The owners dog loved going to the toilet on this top area so it had to be dog friendly.

Our Work:

The groundworks were put in as always, fixings, membrane on the bottom, Type one and granite dust. The lawn was one of our new PU backed products (The Spring 30) which prevents the urine from being absorbed into the backing causing odours. This grass is proving to be a really popular product with over 3000 sqm fitted already. Once again it looked great and did the job perfectly.

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