RestaurantsArtificial grass at on the roof with q

You may have heard of the latest pop-up rooftop concept restaurant to hit London called ‘On the Roof with Q

It is situated at Selfridges department store on Oxford Street. Like the centre court at Wimbledon On the Roof with Q boasts a retractable roof – perfect for the inclement British weather. It also boasts fantastic commercial artificial grass supplied and installed by Perfect Grass Ltd to give that summery feeling.

And as with any new great restaurant that comes on to the scene the trend setters are dying to get their Louboutin’s on to the artificial grass.

Artificial grass at on the roof with q
Kids love the artificial grass at Selfrdges

Having artificial grass flooring in a restaurant might seem like an unusual idea but it offers many benefits to the restaurant including:

  • It is easy to clean

The artificial grass just requires a hose down if it gets dirty.

  • Calming

The colour green is well known to offer a positive calming effect on the human brain.

  • British garden party feel

It brings a quintessential Britishness to the restaurant with the feel of the garden lawn party.

  • Hard wearing

Artificial grass is a hard wearing surface that will last for years.

Take a look at some other restaurants where Perfect Grass has installed artificial grass.

Have you seen artificial grass installed at any other restaurants in London?  Please let us know in the comments section below

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