Adding Zeofil to lawn

How to apply Zeofill to your artificial grass lawn to keep it smelling great

I will show you how to add our new product Zeofill to your artificial grass lawn to keep it smelling great.

I have discussed the latest methods that I have tested for removing the smell of dog wee from an artificial grass lawn.

After a lot of research about the mineral Zeolite I have decided to start offering it in a top dressing called Zeofill as part of our installation service for dog owners.

The photos below show how I added this new product to an old lawn, which is slightly more difficult than adding it to a new lawn due to the fibres being matted. However the process is still quite simple, we use a plastic lawn rake and a Powerbrush to tease up the fibres enabling us to hand brush the Zeofill into the pile.

On new installations we can evenly distribute the Zeofill across a lawn with a spreader before brushing it into the unmatted pile. We are anticipating that the Zeofill will last longer than our current Dog Wee Sand before it needs reapplying. This could be anywhere up to a year depending on how much rain and watering the lawn gets.

Zeofil hand sprinkled

Zeofill hand sprinkled on to lawn

Zeofil bag

Bag of Zeofil added

Refreshed lawn

Finished garden lawn

It has taken me many years of hard work to be able to provide the type of artificial grass installation service we now offer. Because of the enduring attention to detail and the dedication of my team I am in the enviable position of receiving many requests from people all over the world looking for help with their artificial grass installations. Whilst this brings a huge smile to my face we are still only a relatively small family owned and run business with limited resources. We currently offer our services within Kent, South East London, Hertfordshire, Essex and parts of Surrey. Whilst I am happy to answer general questions in the comments section below from anyone it may take up to 1 week for me to get back to you. Please make sure you have read other readers questions and my answers first as your question may have already been asked.

Priority will be given to answering questions from people looking for Perfect Grass to fit and supply our own artificial grass products. Please fill out the quotation form or call us on 020 81664168

For others looking for a priority response to a specific question relating to their own installation a £50 consultation fee is charged. My goal is to respond within 48 hours in these circumstances. For this specific online assistance please email me at with your questions. I often require photographs to accompany your question in order to provide the best answer.


  1. Hi Gavin,

    I have a artificial lawn, with a type 1 base and granite with membrane and sand and have multiple dogs which means bad odour in the summer. What do you recommend and do you cover Borehamwood Hertfordshire?

    • Hi there unfortunately we don’t go that far up I’m afraid. The issue with dogs and the smell is purely a backing issue. As long as the base is put in correctly it will drain, problem being the latex absorbs the urine and then when it warms up it gives out this horrendous odour. We have had all our shorter grass backings changed now to PU, what does this do, nothing special but it is non absorbent meaning it can be simply washed through in the warmer months. This in turn means infils are not required, there are also a lot of companies offering a cleaning service (us included). Regards

  2. Good morning.
    I have a dog and am about to start looking into fitting artificial turf in our garden.
    I see a lot of comments about sand unfills and what ones to use? Can I just lay the turf and not have any sand infill?
    Also I am going to attach the turf to a concrete edging as I already have block edging to the exiting lawn. What adhesive shall I use for this
    Thanks Neil

  3. Hi There, I am having a PU backed Grass fitted in my garden due to having pets, can I still in fill the grass with Kiln dried sand or does it have to be something like the Zeo fill?


    • Hi kiln sand will give weight but not do help absorb urine. The idea of the pu backed grass is it doesnt absorb the urine so it can easily be washed off, I suggest using a sprinkler once a week. regards

  4. Hi Gavin,

    Thank you for your advice.
    We had artificial grass laid last April however at the height of the summer the garden started to really smell of urine as we have 2 dogs. The company we used were unhelpful so we resorted to research and found your article on zeolite. We have bought some and used accordingly but I think the damage is done in terms of smells. Do you recommend changing the grass, if so what to and do you provide it via post.

    • Hi there , I have done a lot of research into the dog wee smell . There is a lot of nonsense on the internet about it and a lot of the infills arent as good as they make out.The dog wee sand we used , really did work, however it had its down sides, especially when it got very wet. Im not convinced on Zeofil and we have stopped selling it. The main cause of the smell is the backing. We found Latex backing absorbs the urine and omits the smell when it gets wet, it also takes a long time to dry! So since early 2021 all of our short grasses have a PU backing , which does not absorb any moisture meaning any urine can simply be washed through. We always advise a short grass with dogs and a PU back is a must . A free draining base and the membrane under the aggregates is also a must. We no longer promote the use of infills and are advising regular cleaning (have a look at ) 2 -3 times a year .We can relay your grass if you are in our coverage area, but this may mean starting again if the groundworks are not to our spec , please drop us an email regards.

  5. Hi Gavin.

    Superb website, the guidance is by far the most useful I have found.

    Is the zeolite a direct replacement for infill sand or do you use a mix to top dress?



    • Hi Ben , many thanks. We rarely use kiln sand as an infill any more , only when there is slight puffing in our grass to pin it to the base (which is very rare now all our products are EU produced) or when we fitting certain products that require infilling like our golf grass. The Zeofil is simply there to absorb the ammonia before the rains wash it through , so put it in clean on its own. regards

      • Thanks for the advice Gavin.

        Are you top dressing with Zeolite across the whole lawn? I’ve read c.5kg per square metre – does that ring true?

        Best wishes


        • Hi. I can not claim to be an expert on this product as its only recently Ive been using it , previously, we have been using our sand that works on the same principle and we always added this in stages. I know 5 kg per sqm is suggested, however actually getting that amount into the pile (especially if it is an older lawn) is very difficult and you find a high proportion is wasted. Im a believer of building the layers up as you go and when required. regards

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