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We tried to have a week off last week but the world of artificial grass will not leave us alone!! Is this the start of the economic recovery? If so we are gonna need some more staff to cope with the demand! Not that we are moaning, but poor Gavin has a bad back and is really struggling to move the artificial grass rolls around, I think its time the business treated him to his very own fork lift, he’s really excited about this, boys and their toys eh?

This week we decided to trademark ‘Perfect Grass Ltd’, about time too, we’ve noticed a few companies springing up with similar names and we don’t want our name being associated with their inferior products and workmanship!¬†Remember when it comes to artificial grass there is only one name you need to remember PERFECT GRASS LTD!

Talking of copy cats I don’t understand how and why these new companies get away with it…they are so unoriginal with their names and they all claim to be number 1. It has taken us nearly 10 years to establish ourselves in the fake grass industry and to have the confidence to claim to be pretty good at what we do.

The majority of these new companies that have popped up in the last few years claim to be immediate experts in the installation of artificial grass …one of our competitors in Sidcup/Bromley area were fitting fascias, gutters and drainpipes a few years back , just wondered how they have perfected their groundwork skills up a ladder!

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