Gavin is the founder of Perfect Grass Ltd. He has more than 17 years artificial grass experience. In his spare time he likes football (season ticket holder at West Ham United) going to the gym and sleeping. You can follow Gavin on Facebook
Climbing frame

Primary School Installation – Part 3

Tunbury Primary School Gets Artificial Grass – Part 3     Things can only get better After the awful start to this job, things could only improve and after a quick look outside of the window at 6.30 am I decided this was not the case and I was all set for another miserable Kent…

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Perfect Grass Car

Primary School Installation – Part 2

Tunbury Primary School gets Artificial Grass – part 2      The first day on site Arrival – 9.48 Hours at Tunbury Primary School in Kent “What possibly could go wrong”? I thought as I pulled into the gates at the school 15 minutes later than planned. Everything was the answer. This is how my day…

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Tunbury Primary School in Kent

Primary School Installation – Part 1

Tunbury Primary School gets Artificial Grass – part 1     How it started About 6 weeks ago we were approached by the deputy Headmistress of Tunbury Primary School in Kent, Miss King to do a site visit and provide a quote for artificial grass at the school. On the arrange day we drove the…

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Artificial grass installed in a school

Improving Play Areas at Schools

Artificial grass in the playground With obesity on the rise the government are currently pushing schools to make more use of their outside areas. However, due to the weather conditions in this country most of these areas are unusable for 6 months of the year and this causes the children to miss out on their…

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Autumn Gardening Tips

Autumn Gardening Tips

Photo by C4Chaos licensed under CC BY 2.0 Our Autumn Gardening Tips Summer is over folks! Well, sadly it’s time to start shutting the garden down after another years growth and colour. With the days drawing in and the weather starting to decline quite rapidly, it’s time to get your garden ready for winter. It’s…

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Present Day Garden

Small Garden Ideas – Inspired by My Own Garden

My Small Garden Ideas I moved into my current address over 8 years ago and the garden was a total mess, in fact it was being used as a car park. The house is an average run of the mill semi-detached Victorian property dated 1895. It had been thoroughly neglected; in fact I’m sure Queen…

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Gavin Hall

Perfect Turf – Watchdog BBC1 9/10/2013

PERFECT TURF APPEAR ON ROGUE TRADERS BBC 1 I was sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea watching Watchdog last night….up popped Matt Allwright for his weekly Rogue Traders spot. I spilled my tea everywhere when he mentioned a grass company called ‘Perfect Turf’ based in Purley. Even though they did real turf and…

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Pros and Cons of Fake Grass

Pros and Cons of Fake Grass By Gavin Hall Choosing the Right Lawn With artificial grass getting more and more realistic every year it is becoming a viable option for nearly every household. I am going to look at the pros and cons of both fake grass and real grass to help you decide which…

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Chislehurst Back Garden

Artificial grass quality control somebody please!

With the demand for artificial grass becoming more popular every day, so does the amount of companies starting up and offering their services in this sector. We feel very concerned as to the quality of installs now being offered, as prices get squeezed and corners get cut. We believe now after 9 years of practice…

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Synthetic grass what would JR do?

YEE HAW!!! Or not as the case may be for our USA brothers trying to maintain a lawn in Texas and the surrounding states! With Fall (Autumn to us Brits) approaching and little or no rain on the horizon more and more consumers in the states are turning to synthetic grass. The growing trend is…

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