Gavin is the founder of Perfect Grass Ltd. He has more than 17 years artificial grass experience. In his spare time he likes football (season ticket holder at West Ham United) going to the gym and sleeping. You can follow Gavin on Facebook
Artificial Grass Installer

How to choose the best artificial grass installer

How to choose the best artificial grass installer By Gavin Hall I get asked all the time what makes one artificial grass installer any different from the next? And why does one artificial grass installer quote a lot less than another? There are so many people claiming to be artificial grass installation experts it can…

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Artificial Grass for Dogs

Fed up with the dogs digging up your lawn and bringing their muddy feet into your clean house? Our pet friendly range of grasses are free from toxins, drain well and are easy to clean. Because of the way we fit our grass they are also very difficult for the dog to dig up.

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Gluing artificial grass

How to fit your artificial grass lawn

How to fit your artificial grass lawn By Gavin Hall We are now at the third and final stage of laying an artificial grass lawn. This stage will show you how we fit artificial grass on top of the groundworks. We have shown how to choose artificial grass, and gone through the steps of how we install…

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Artificial Grass for Kids

How to choose the best artificial grass for your lawn

How to choose the best artificial grass By Gavin Hall Having difficulty choosing from hundreds of different types of artificial grass on the market? This guide will show you how to choose the best artificial grass for your lawn. You have decided that you are fed up with all the hard work and money that…

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How to landscape a garden on a hill

How to Landscape a Garden on a Hill

Hill area landscaped with artificial grass 8 easy landscaping ideas for how to landscape a garden on a hill Building or making renovations to a house on a hill can present some specific landscaping challenges: how to avoid problems with drainage and irrigation, and how to work with different levels are just some of the…

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Urban garden ideas on a budget

Urban Garden Ideas on a Budget

Making the most of small outside space in an urban garden It can sometimes be difficult to think of urban garden ideas that can be tried out for small outside spaces, especially when working with a tight budget! There are several different options that can be experimented with, which can range from installing an artificial…

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Artificial Grass inside the home

Artificial Grass Inside the Home

Bringing the Outside in: Artificial Grass inside the Home When you think of artificial grass your first thought is the immaculate lawns and back gardens that you see on the BBC, right? But artificial grass can be used for so much more than that; the simple addition of artificial grass in your home can turn…

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History of artificial grass

The History of Artificial Grass

A History of Artificial Grass By Gavin Hall Artificial grass is something that we at Perfect Grass couldn’t begin to imagine life without. It’s easy to install, it looks great all year round, and the best part… you can put your feet up, because it requires near enough no maintenance at all! In fact, we…

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Completed School Artificial Grass Installation

Primary School Installation – Part 4

Tunbury Primary School gets Artificial Grass – part 4      The Final Fling With all the hard labour completed it was time to put the finishing touches to our base on this school artificial grass installation.The job really was starting to take shape and the end was in sight for us and this Kent based school.…

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