Artificial grass has many uses around the home

We offer some of the most realistic artificial grass products on the market that cater for the needs of the whole family. Whether you are looking for:

  • A soft pool surround
  • Some greenery to cover your balcony
  • Something to break up the grey of the patio
  • A replacement for your wooden decking

… then we have the answer.

Our grasses are made from the finest materials and will be guaranteed to last you for years to come. We offer a number of colours and lengths of grass. Which one you choose will depend on your particular needs.

Looking to install a beautiful artificial lawn in your back garden?

We believe there are many reasons including:

  • You will have a great looking garden you can use all year round.
  • There will be no need to worry about mud brought into the house.
  • Very little maintenance will be required once installed.
  • Reduce weeds in your garden lawn by up to 90%.
Back Garden Lawn BeforeBack Garden Lawn After
Front garden lawn

Why fit artificial grass in your front garden?

Many front garden lawns are small and very difficult to maintain. Often the only way to get a lawnmower to them is to bring it through the house making the house dirty. Watering the lawn in the summer months can be difficult and in general the amount of effort needed to maintain this small area it too much for most.

The front garden though is vital in creating a good first impression of the property so having a well manicured, good looking space is essential. This is why artificial grass is proving such a popular choice in front gardens.

Other benefits of artificial grass in the home

  •     Save money by installing an artificial grass lawn

We have calculated that an average sized garden in England with a moderately dry summer will save over £100 a year on the water bill. There are also savings to be made from the reduction in your petrol and electricity bills, savings on fertilizer costs plus all the other paraphenalia needed to upkeep a garden lawn.

… and don’t worry about damaging the environment

  •     Artificial Grass is great for the environment

We only install plastic grass not plastic flowers and plants. Our artificial grass looks great combined with real flowers and plants in borders or pot plants scattered around so you will still be able to attract wildlife and you will be helping the environment by:

  • Using less water
  • Using less fertilizer
  • No emissions from petrol lawnmowers
  • No consumption of electricity from trimmers or electric lawnmowers

… and don’t be concerned about the grass looking fake

Artificial Grass for Dogs

Popular grass for the home

Square artificial grass

The Square

The first realistic looking artificial grass in the UK to feature stripes.

The Outfield

The Outfield

Great for those looking for a hard wearing grass. An ideal surface on which to play football, let the dogs out or a surface for a roof terrace.

New Rectory Artificial Grass

The Rectory

The Rectory has had a make over and we now believe it is the best artificial grass on the market for this price.

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