Why artificial grass makes a great putting green in the back garden

Have you dream’t of having a golf putting green in your back garden?

This can become a reality if you choose to install artificial grass.

It takes years to develop a really good grass putting surface and requires specialist equipment and products to get a green rolling anywhere near decent. This takes a lot of time and money and in most cases just is worth the effort. But with artificial grass you can have a decent surface to practice your putting on in a matter of days. What’s more you will have the same consistent surface all year round.

The putting green doesn’t need to take up your whole back garden either. You could choose to have it installed in a shaded area where real grass doesn’t grow or behind a hedge or in an old vegetable patch. The choices are endless. We will install professional groundworks so the golf grass drains well and remains smooth and flat.

The Golf Artificial Grass Product

We have an artificial grass product that is an ideal surface to practice your putting on. It has a short pile, is hard wearing and drains well. And unlike a real grass putting green it is easy to maintain. Find the full details on its permeability rate, price etc.

Installing the artificial grass putting green

We use our same tried and tested installation techniques to install the artificial grass putting green as we do any lawn. Having designed the layout of the garden with the home owner we remove the original grass and topsoil. We then put in our high quality groundworks on which we lay the golf artificial grass. Special attention is made to securing the grass around the perimeter and kiln sand is added to get the putting surface to a suitable speed. Holes will be cut in the desired locations and cups inserted. It is then down to the owner of adding the final touches like small flags and painting the hole white.

Golf Artificial Grass

Examples of artificial grass putting greens