Artificial Grass Lawn Maintenance Service

Leaf blowing lawn
Debris Removal
Application of Infills and Top Dressing
Power brushing lawn
Power Brushing Lawn

As the years go by it’s inevitable that we can all start to look a little tired.

The same goes for your artificial lawn but unlike what you see in the mirror there is a simple solution for your lawn and we at Perfect Grass Ltd have that solution! We are experts at rejuvenating artificial lawns.


Perfect Grass offers a six step service that breathes new life into tired artificial grass.

What’s included in our 6 step artificial grass maintenance service:

1 Light Debris Removal

We will use our powerful leaf blowers to remove all light debris from the lawn like leaves and twigs.


2 Power Brushing

Our commercial power brushes will push the pile of the artificial grass back in position. It may have flattened over time due to heavy footfall, snow etc. The brushes will also remove any moss or bird mess that might have accumulated. Power washing may be required at this stage to remove any stubborn debris.


3 Cleaning (using Enzyme enhanced cleaners)

An industrial carpet cleaner will spray the grass with our cleaning products and brush the fibres of the grass to leave them standing upright. The excess water and cleaning products will be sucked away by the machine. This step is undertaken in a similar way to using a traditional lawnmower where we go up and down the lawn in straight lines.

For any hard to reach areas and steep slopes etc. we offer manual cleaning. Here we spread the cleaning product through an attachment on our hose before power brushing the area clean.


4 Kiln Sand Topdress (for extra durability)

The application of Kiln Sand will help the grass be more durable and stand upright. This step is recommended really only for appearance as it has its drawbacks in that it will limit how we can clean the grass in the future as we will not put our large cleaner over it.


5 Odour Removing Granular Infill (ideal for dogs and other pets)

We can add an odour removing agent when we clean the grass to rid it of the smell of dog urine. In addition we will brush in a granular infill like Zeofill which is great for dog owners as the ammonia from the urine locks onto it.

Dog owners are also able to get some fine dog wee sand from ourselves which they can add to their lawn during the summer months.


6 Temperature Controlling Natural Infills (to regulate the temperature of the grass)

For customers who experience hotter lawns (maybe due to a south facing garden) or experiencing hotter summers crushed walnut shells are one top dressing on offer to reduce the surface temperature of the grass.

Any infill like this will limit the use of our larger machines in cleaning the lawn in the future as the particles can cause issues with the machinery if too heavily infilled.

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    We cannot be held responsible for original defects in the lawn or the standard of installation, including poor joins, poor base work or fixings (timber/composite).

    We will not act as a garden clearance service we only offer a light debris removal.

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