Artificial grass is great for front and back garden Lawns

We are finding that artificial grass offers the perfect solution for both front and back garden lawns. Here are our reasons why:

Looking to install a beautiful artificial lawn in your back garden?

We believe there are many reasons to do this including:

  • You will have a great looking garden you can use all year round.
  • Many modern back garden lawns are small and covered with shade either from trees or a fence. This makes growing and maintaining real grass impossible.
  • New house builds see the garden as an after thought and often the soil is full of clay and other excess building material which is not suitable for grass.
  • There will be no need to worry about mud brought into the house.
  • Very little maintenance will be required once installed.
  • Reduce weeds in your garden lawn by up to 90%.
  • It is a great surface for people to walk on so you can enjoy more lawn parties!
Beautiful garden Ashford complete
Front garden lawn

Why fit artificial grass in your front garden?

I believe that if you want to make a quick improvement to the kerbside appeal of your house then fitting artificial grass in the front garden is the answer. Plus there are many other benefits:

  • Many front garden lawns are small and very difficult to maintain. Often the only way to get a lawnmower to them is to bring it through the house making the house dirty.

  • Watering the lawn in the summer months can be difficult and in general the amount of effort needed to maintain this small area it too much for most.

  • The front garden though is vital in creating a good first impression of the property so having a well manicured, good looking space is essential. This is why artificial grass is proving such a popular choice in front gardens.
  • Due to the relatively small size of a front garden they are quick to install  whilst making a big impression.
  • Again due to the size fitting artificial grass in this area is relatively cheap.