artificial grass cleaner

If you asked me to bottle the smell of freshly cut grass you would think I was crazy!

Well its been done. An artificial grass cleaner that smells of a freshly cut lawn.

Many years ago artificial grass didn’t look like the ‘real thing’ and definitely didn’t smell like the ‘real thing’. With improvements in the artificial grass production process it is now possible to get it to look very realistic. All that customers were now saying was that it didn’t have that lovely just cut smell. Well it has now been achieved. If you would like your artificial grass to smell of real grass we have a safe product that is the ideal answer.

Simply dilute the artificial grass cleaner with water in a watering can then apply the mixture liberally to the artificial grass and hey presto you have an artificial grass lawn that smells like the real thing. Give it a go and impress your friends at your next garden party!