Artificial grass is great for balconies and rooftops

Artificial grass has the potential be installed in all manner of places. Balconies and rooftops are just 2 more places in a whole list that are suitable. These are some of the reasons we are seeing more and more people convert their rooftops and balconies with artificial grass.

Looking to install artificial grass on your balcony or rooftop?

We believe there are many reasons to do this including:

  • The drainage on a balcony should already be relatively good so adding artificial grass is easy
  • Balconies and rooftops are flat surfaces ideal for fitting artificial grass
  • Artificial grass is great to break up large areas of grey concrete
  • It brings some relaxing greenery to the otherwise urban surroundings
  • It is easily moved as long as you don’t apply glue to the roof and weigh down with planters and sand
Roof terrace complete
We have written a detailed guide on how we go about installing artificial grass on a balcony.
Balcony flooring after
This guide gives you an indepth look on how we go about laying artificial grass on a rooftop.
Roof garden Westminster