100% Recyclable Artificial Grass is now available

We are proud to announce that we now offering 100% recyclable artificial grass making it some of the greenest artificial grass on the planet.

Currently the Knoll 30 artificial grass and the Spring 35 artificial grass are 100% recyclable. This is possible for they are made from single plastic Polypropylene and can be either recycled into new artificial grass or upcycled into other products. By the middle of 2024 all of our products will be 100% recyclable which ultimately means that none of our artificial grass need go to landfill.

Previously artificial grass had to be split apart removing the backing from the grass fibres in order for it to be recycled. This in itself was very challenging and prevented most artificial grass from being recycled.

There are many environmental benefits to our artificial turf apart from its ability to be 100% recycled:

UV Stability

UV rays will not noticeably discolour our grass making it look great and natural for the entirety of its life.

Secure Fibres

Rigorous testing has gone into our artificial grass products to ensure the grass fibres do not easily come away from the backing and get released back into the soil.

Doesn’t Melt

Hot weather will not melt our grass. To simulate very hot temperatures we pour boiling water over the grass. You will see that the grass does not melt or change its structure in any way.

Wildlife friendly

Our grass enables insects to thrive below the surface. Just pull back the artificial grass below one of our lawns and you will find insects thriving. This is because we put great drainage below our grass and choose grasses that have high permeability (anything up to 80 lites of water will flow through 1metre square of grass per minute).

Child and Pet Friendly

No harmful chemicals are contained within the grass making it perfectly safe for all the family. The soft nature of the grass also suits playgrounds where tumbles are common.

Easily cleaned

Again because our grass drains so well cleaning it is a doddle. Whether it be leaves and sticks or pet wee or poo a vaccuum or a hose down with just water will see it looking great again.


How will the other products in the installation process be recycled?

The timber fixings rot into the soil, the concrete can be broken up and added to the base when being re-laid.
The only products that will go into land fill will be the spent glue cartridges, plastic bags from sand (we try and use loose sand where possible to cut this down) and cement wrappers.
Grass/soil that gets dug out during the installation process gets put straight back in the ground at a soil recycling centre.

How do I protect and work with the wildlife in my garden?

The groundworks we install do not kill the soil underneath, because they improve the drainage, it allows water to pass through at a manageable rate. An example of incorporating artificial grass with wildlife can be seen here

How does artificial grass help reduce Flooding?

All our artificial grass products have high permeability, allowing water to quickly pass through. Our bases are constructed in such a way as to improve drainage reducing flooding unlike driveways and patios which push all the water into over used drains.

How does Perfect Grass reduce water consumption and the use of chemicals?

The grass doesn’t need watering during droughts, doesn’t need pesticides/fertilisers, or the use of lawn mower pollutants.